Residential Properties

Our residences come in a choice of styles, sizes & prices to meet diverse needs, to suit a variety of lifestyles, & to give you the joy of owning your perfect home.

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Widuri Residensi: 2-Storey Link House

From RM440,600
Build-Up: From 1,915 sqft
Project: Widuri Residensi
Location: Antara Gapi

Intana Ria 3: Apartments

From RM390,000
Build-Up: From 907 sqft
Project: Intana Ria 3
Location: Bandar Baru Bangi

Kota Puteri Section 5: Townhouse

From RM185,000
Build-Up: From 992 sqft
Project: Kota Puteri Section 5
Location: Kota Puteri
Sold Out

Puteri Aira: 2-Storey Link House

From RM525,000
Build-Up: From 2,128 - 2,183 sqft
Project: Puteri Aira
Location: Kota Puteri
Sold Out

Puteri Daffina 2: 2-Storey Link House

From RM508,000
Build-Up: From 2,038 sqft - 2,340 sqft
Project: Puteri Daffina 2
Location: Kota Puteri
Sold Out

Puteri Daffina 3: 2-Storey Link House

From RM517,000
Build-Up: From 2,066 sqft
Project: Puteri Daffina 3
Location: Kota Puteri

Puteri Daffina X: 2-Storey Link House

From RM503,000
Build-Up: From 2,049 sqft
Project: Puteri Daffina X
Location: Kota Puteri
Sold Out

Puteri Elaisha: 2-Storey Link House

From RM505,000
Build-Up: From 1,993 sqft
Project: Puteri Elaisha
Location: Kota Puteri

Puteri Soraya: 2-Storey Link House

From RM388,889
Build-Up: From 1,642 sqft
Project: Puteri Soraya
Location: Kota Puteri

Residensi Kerinchi: Modern Apartments

From RM500,000
Build-Up: 900 sqft
Project: Residensi Kerinchi
Location: Kerinchi
Sold Out

Citrina 3: 2-Storey Cluster House

From RM410,253
Build-Up: From 2,036 sqft
Project: Citrina 3
Location: Bernam Jaya
Sold Out

Dillenia: Cluster House

From RM552,000
Build-Up: 1,848.10 sqft
Project: Dillenia
Location: Bernam Jaya
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