Logo Rasmi PKNS
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Corporate Identity

Our history stretches back more than 50 years. With all this time, comes the experience and understanding of the importance of communication and maintaining a consistent brand.

The PKNS logo portrays the mission, vision and commitment of a strong and authoritative corporate body.

The words “Selangor State Development Corporation” written in Persio-Arabic script symbolise our strong character.

As a key agency for Selangor’s development, PKNS incorporates
the state’s emblem in its logo.

The elements in the emblem symbolise the philosophy and
activities of PKNS.

The letters “PKNS” in the logo support the philosophy and activities of PKNS in line with the objectives of its establishment.


A keyline has been developed as part of PKNS’ new branding initiative to help punctuate all of our collaterals with a consistent & memorable design that brings our brand forward.

This keyline is crafted by taking the most significant trait of the PKNS name: ‘K’ for ‘Kemajuan’ or development/ growth. This word is key to the PKNS Group’s essence, culture & signifies their key role in Selangor’s development.

The flexible, stylish & modern design reflects PKNS’ strong, sophisticated & authoritative character.

The colours (red, blue & grey) injects a sense of dynamism, integrity, firmness, & stability.

Key Role in Selangor’s Development
The shapes slanted to the topright symbolises upwards growth & progress, reflecting PKNS’ efforts throughout the years leading to the rapid growth of Selangor.

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