Identiti Korporat

  • Our history stretches back more than 50 years. With all this time, comes the experience and understanding of the importance of communication and maintaining a consistent brand.
  • The PKNS logo portrays the mission, vision and commitment of a strong and authoritative corporate body.
  • Red and Yellow are the colours of Selangor and represent the essence of this state. Meanwhile, Black signifies the firmness, integrity, stability and undiminished spirit embodying the values of PKNS.
  • A keyline has been developed as part of PKNS’ new branding initiative to help punctuate all of our collaterals with a consistent & memorable design that brings our brand forward.
  • This keyline is crafted by taking the most significant trait of the PKNS name: ‘K’ for ‘Kemajuan’ or development/ growth. This word is key to the PKNS Group’s essence, culture & signifies their key role in Selangor’s development.
  • Essence : The flexible, stylish & modern design reflects PKNS’ strong, sophisticated & authoritative character.
  • Culture : The colours (red, blue & grey) injects a sense of dynamism, integrity, firmness, & stability.
  • Key Role in Selangor’s Development : The shapes slanted to the topright symbolises upwards growth & progress, reflecting PKNS’ efforts throughout the years leading to the rapid growth of Selangor.
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