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Encorp Strand Residences

Build-Up: From 711 sqft - 4,541 sqft
Project: The Strand
Location: Kota Damansara
From RM770,400 - RM4,248,970

Intana Ria 3: Apartments – Open For Sale

Build-Up: From 907 sqft
Project: Intana Ria 3
Location: Bandar Baru Bangi
From RM399,000

Ixora : 2 Storey Terrace House

Build-Up: From1,708.68 sqft
Project: Ixora
Location: Antara Gapi
From RM588,000.00

Puteri Ariana 2 : 2 Storey Terrace House

Build-Up: From 1,789.00 kps
Project: Puteri Ariana 2
Location: Kota Puteri
From RM 688,600.00

Puteri Ariana : 2-Storey Link House

Build-Up: 22'x75' and 20'x 70'
Project: Puteri Ariana
Location: Kota Puteri
From RM 649,000.00

Puteri Daffina X: 2-Storey Link House

Build-Up: From 2,049 sqft
Project: Puteri Daffina X
Location: Kota Puteri
From RM503,000

Puteri Soraya: 2-Storey Link House

Build-Up: From 1,642 sqft
Project: Puteri Soraya
Location: Kota Puteri
From RM388,889

Tilia Encorp Cahaya Alam (Type A)

Build-Up: From 2,408 sqft - 2,806 sqft
Project: Tilia Encorp Cahaya Alam
Location: Shah Alam
From RM934,479 - RM1,744,308

Tilia Encorp Cahaya Alam (Type B)

Build-Up: From 2,707 sqft - 3,131 sqft
Project: Tilia Encorp Cahaya Alam
Location: Shah Alam
From RM1,027,845 - RM1,908,360
Limited Unit

Anggun Kirana: 3-Storey Link House

Build-Up: From 4,238 sqft
Project: Anggun Kirana
Location: Alam Nusantara
From RM1,795,500
Limited Unit

Azhara: 2-Storey Semi-D House

Build-Up: From 2,796 sqft
Project: Azhara
Location: Antara Gapi
From RM835,000
Limited Unit

Cassia: Exclusive Semi-D House

Build-Up: From 2,375 sqft
Project: Cassia
Location: Antara Gapi
From RM 822,000.00
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