Cassia: Exclusive Semi-D House

Antara Gapi

Antara Gapi

* From RM731,000

Picturesque Semi-D Homes to Live, Play & Grow in

Cassia are idyllic homes full of charm. Wonderful homes set on a spacious land area offering endless opportunities, whatever your needs. Perhaps you want to create a lovely flower garden as a refuge for nature or an outdoor play space for children to explore while working off their excessive energy? Whatever it is, Cassia offers something for everyone and with numerous amenities & facilities nearby, there will never be a dull moment!

From 2,375 sqft

Immerse Yourself in this Outstanding Property

Experience a 3D walkthrough of every floor & room of this wonderful property & get a sense of what it would feel like to actually live here.


Prestigious Residential Area

This exclusive property brings together style, elegance & sophistication in an exceptional location in one of the most prestigious residential areas in the Klang Valley, creating a perfect ambience for luxurious living.

Opulence & Grandeur

Premium materials, stunning architecture & extraordinary craftsmanship make this home an especially desirable living space. Modern & contemporary touches with integrated smart technology provide unprecedented levels of leisure, comfort & security for a relaxing, comfortable lifestyle.

Luxurious, Smart Homes

These stunning homes are equipped with the latest smart home technology linked to your home systems & appliances, providing a convenient & safe haven for you & your family while reducing energy consumption & costs.

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