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Company Profile

DatumCorp International was specially created to construct high-value properties in prime and strategic locations in the state and beyond.When these projects, named the Datum Series, are built, they will become self-sustaining and dynamic communities. With the Datum Series, DatumCorp International is geared to become the leading premium property developer not only in Selangor but also nationally and internationally.

Our Vision

To be an outstanding global brand that touches lives of people through our products, services and values besides inspiring lives through premier lifestyle solutions.

Our Mission

To build and nurture DCI into premier lifestyle company with international presence that delivers quality products and services that enriches lives of customers,add values and everything we do, retain quality human capital, and with long term objective of creating a sustainable stakeholder value.

Core Values of DCI

EXCELLENCE - Datumcorp are commited to do things extraordinary well to achieve superior performance.
INNOVATION - Attentively we are in exploring creative ways to create solutions that add value to our customer.
COMMITMENT - Together we strive towards providing superior customer experience in everything we do.
TEAMWORK - United we are to collabrate and complement each order towards achieving common goals.
INTERGRITY - Mastery the highest standard of professional behaviors and ethics in order to gain the trust of our shareholders.

About Us

DatumCorp International will have the best architects, engineers and other professionals the world has to offer working together to make the Datum Series world class projects.The series will be innovative in design, creatively engineered to be environmentally friendly and architecturally awe-inspiring.

Activity DCI 2019


14 March 2019  - 15 March 2019  - Management Retreat KPI & PMS 2019 held be at Weil Hotel, Ipoh,Perak. Presentation by department such as :

1)Project Management   2) Sales & Marketing  3) Human Resources  4) Administration  5) Finance 6) Information Technology 7) Contracts & Procurement 8) ISO & Integrity 

Saturday, 26 January 2019 - A prize giving ceremony to Datum Tap 13 weekly winners by DatumCorp Assistant General Manager, Puan Salina Said and pre-CNY celebration hosted by Sales & Marketing Department.The Datum Tap game is a unique mobile game which is downloadable on iOS and Android platforms. It allows players to collect planks by tapping on their smart phones to build virtual homes for Orang Asal.