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Terms of Use of Government Open Data 1.0

The use or re-use of data shall comply with the terms and conditions set out below..

  1. Use of data under this term    The data owner authorises the use of data without any charges
  2. Users may do the following:
    1. Copy, publish, distribute and transfer data;
    2. Adapt data;
    3. Utilise the data, either for commercial or non-commercial purposes; and
    4. Combine the data with other data or include the data in a product or an application.
  3. In doing any of the items stated in paragraph 2 above, the user SHALL:
    1. State the source of data in the product or application based on the statement stipulated by the data owner;
    2. Provide the link to these Terms of Use; and
    3. If the data owner does not provide a statement on intellectual property ownership of the data, the user shall use the following statement:
            “The data and information herein are subject to the Terms of Use of the Government of Malaysia Open Data 1.0”.

       These Terms of Use do not provide any rights to:
    1. Personal data;
    2. Name, coat of arms, logo or any official symbol of the data owner;
    3. Logo of the public sector organisation or department;
    4. Royal and military insignia;
    5. The rights of any third party over which the data owner has no authority;
    6. Any intellectual property rights including patent, trademark and design rights; and
    7. Identification documents such as the Malaysian passport, MyKad
    1. The data is in the form provided by the data owner. The data owner is excluded from any representation, warranty, obligation and liability in connection with the data; and
    2. The data owner is not responsible for any error or loss of data. The data owner shall also not be responsible for any type of loss, injury or damage arising out of the use of the said data. The data owner does not give any guarantee that the data will be continuously provided
  6. LAWS     These Terms of Use are governed by the laws under the jurisdiction and the data owner is the main owner of the said data.
        Date of amendment: 30 SEPTEMBER 2015