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About Us

What is PKNS Real Estate Sdn Bhd (PREC)?

PREC is a company which is important to the Selangor state government since it spearheads investments related to real estate for the entire PKNS group. Initially, the company will transform the old assets of PKNS by implementing strategic plans for improvement.

When were we established?

PKNS Real Estate Sdn Bhd (PREC) is a special entity established in 2012 as an investment branch for the PKNS group of companies.

Our Portfolio?

PREC real estate portfolio, worth nearly RM700 million, consists of three (3) shopping complexes and three (3) office buildings. PREC has set the target of becoming an investment company with assets worth RM1.5 million within the space of two years.

What do we have?

The PREC shopping complex is a ‘hybrid mall’ which incorporates bazars and ‘malls’. PREC also has created the concept of ‘micro retailing’ with its brand names of ‘Tempat Orang Lokal’ and ‘Jameela Street’. This is aimed at providing opportunities to the small and medium businesses to operate.


PREC is committed to creating real estate transactions that are profitable through highly dedicated professional efforts with programmes, equipment and innovative management support. PREC is fully responsible for its innovative and effective business plans, taking into consideration the type of investments currently available.


To be a leader in the creation of ideal investment opportunities and innovative real estate solutions that enrich individuals and society through high value property products and services.

For enquiries

Noor Inarah Sidek / Nur Shafiqqa Razali
Corporate Communication
PKNS Real Estate Sdn. Bhd.
019-330 2899 / 018-362 4302