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It cannot be denied that the industrial sector is the main contributor to the economic growth of Selangor where in 2007 its contribution amounted to 58 per cent of the overall economic development of the state. PKNS’s industrial policy is to make available and expand industrial areas with an incentive model, reduced pollution and to give priority to research to build and spread the opportunity for economic growth in the industrial sector. Concurrently, PKNS is developing 268.65 hectares of industrial zone in rural areas, with the aim of increasing job opportunities and reducing migration to towns. Among the areas involved are:

  • Banting 33.58 hectares
  • Kuala Selangor 48.86 hectares
  • Sekinchan 7.93 hectares
  • Sungai Besar 4.69 hectares
  • Beranang 131.2 hectares and
  • Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi 42.39 hectares

In addition, 828.59 hectares of new industrial areas are being developed Rasa, Kota Puteri, Bernam Jaya and Taman Sains Selangor 2 (TSS2) in Dengkil, Sepang. To build supporting industries, PKNS, as the main contributor to the development of industrial areas, also provides specific locations for small and medium industries (SMIs). The SMIs are responsible for providing services such as packaging, labelling and transport to bigger industries statewide.